Braidless Sew-In Extensions

Track by track method. Hair is measured to form of your head. Tracks off the hair weft are then sized and attached using silicone hair beads. Once attached, they are then sewn to attached tracks for extra reinforcement.

This method is non-damaging, and natural. Hair can be reused for future re-installing.


1 bundle of hair added/installed – $275
Install only (not including hair) – $175

2 bundles & install – $575
Install only – $275

3 bundles and install – $700
Install only – $350

Take down of extensions – $100

Prices include hair up to 20″, longer lengths available. Additional charges for longer length of 20″.

*prices listed on this website are subject to change/adjustment due to increased volume of appointments or holidays at the discretion of Jamie Mullenax.