Microlinks are a strand by strand method applied with silicone beads, and are non-damaging to your natural hair. Microlink Extensions/Itips are a non-damaging, individual method. This natural appearance method of hair extensions are placed in the hair in small individual strands, and secured with beads (matching color the hair) that have silicon lining to protect the hair. Micro link methods typically last 2-3 months with proper care. Hair can be re-tipped and re-installed after the 2-3 month period.

Pricing for Installation

  • 100 strands added -$150
  • 150 strands added -$225
  • 200 strands added -$275
  • 250 strands added -$325

NOTE Installation price does not include the cost of hair. Extension hair is avail for purchase upon request, and price of hair varies upon color, length and texture.

*prices listed on this website are subject to change/adjustment due to increased volume of appointments or holidays at the discretion of Jamie Mullenax.